My photography expresses my deep passion for nature. Not just with landscapes or wildlife, but the tiny things that usually go unnoticed. I look for the water drops, the eyes of a damselfly, and even the reproductive organs of a common weed. The things no one thinks twice about, but perhaps they should.


Photography excites me in a way nothing else does. It’s meditating and therapeutic. It’s a retreat into the wilderness that exists almost everywhere — in a small back yard, or a patch of roadside weeds. It gets me out of bed early in the morning so I can catch the right light, the sleepy insects, and the dew. It makes me lie on the ground when it’s wet and muddy. It gives me thorns and poison ivy. It gets me outside when there’s a foot of snow or an inch of ice on the ground. And in turn, it allows me to share something beautiful and unique with others.


I love to uncover tiny treasures that I know no one else will see. Finding them can be an art in itself, but capturing and presenting them in a way that looks magical or otherworldly is often my goal.


I’ve worked with and studied plants for seventeen years. I always had a desire to get closer to the flowers; to see the lines, colors, and textures deep down inside. I want to honor the way the light shines through the veins in the leaves and the frost on a blade of grass.


I let the plants, the bugs, and the sun tell me what to photograph every day.



 Louisville, Kentucky